New Member Information

This page provides information for prospective club members and players.

What’s it like to join a tennis club?


Traditional sporting clubs can be seen as stuffy places, however joining a Tennis Club can be as fun and flexible as you like. Corinthian Park offers social tennis play on several days each week, which means you will find a time that suits your lifestyle. Some members play every weekend and others less so. Some people play all afternoon, and others play only 1 or 2 sets, usually of 25 minutes duration. You will find we are friendly, and we have opportunities for socialising too.

There are two ways to become a club member.

1. We recommend you call in and visit us, so we can show you around. You can attend as a visitor to our social tennis play for up to 3 visits for a small fee, and then join after you have tried us out.

2. Once you are ready to join, talk with our membership coordinator. Alternately, print out the Application Form in the pdf document format and post it to us, or drop it in at the club during opening hours. Click here for the Application Form.

You might like to read or print the following information.


  • Courts - Corinthian Park has 21 courts of which 15 are Grass courts, 4 are Plexi Pave hard courts and 2 are Synthetic Grass all weather courts. The Hard and Synthetic (6) courts are under lights and are also available for hire, to club members as well as the public.
  • Coaching - the club has a resident coach who offers various coaching program’s as well as a pro shop.

The club also has an excellent children's playground and clubrooms with kitchen, bar and BBQ.

Playing Times





Arranged doubles for Mens, Ladies and Mixed sets.

From 2:00 to 5.30 and From 3:00 to 6:00 in the hotter months of Dec to March


Arranged doubles for Mens, Ladies and Mixed sets.

From 2:00 to 5:30 and From 3:00 to 6:00 in the hotter months of Dec to March


Arranged doubles for Midweek Ladies and Men

From 8:45 Oct-March and 9:00 April-May


Courts open for league practice and self organised play.

From 4:00 pm


Self arranged sets for midweek Womens and Mens play.

From 9:00 am


Junior Club for Beginners and Advanced in one session.

One session 4:30 to 6:30pm

Visitor’s are welcome to come along and join in with social tennis, for a nominal fee.

Playing Season
The grasscourt season at Corinthian starts in October and continues each week through to the long weekend in June. From June to October play is available on the synthetic/ hardcourts during Saturday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.

Membership Types
The club caters for a number of types of memberships. These are:

  • Senior Single – entitles member to play any session.
  • Family – discount price for 2 adults and children under 18 years. Entitles members to play any session.
  • Student – for University or TAFE students. Entitles member to play any session.
  • Junior – for children aged between 10 and 18, and Youth for ages between 18 and 21
  • Midweek – for play on one or two week days (choose one or two sessions from Tues am or Wed pm or Fri am)
  • Social – entitles members to use clubrooms and attend functions

Member's Facilities and Obligations

  • Social play - Membership entitles you to play social tennis throughout the season on nominated social play days.
  • League teams - You are eligible to nominate for pennant league competition and will be placed in a team wherever possible.
  • Court Hire - You are to hire the hard courts through our booking agent (Club Coach) and receive a member rebate.
  • Social - You are able to use the clubrooms and attend events organised by the social committee.
  • Rosters - Club members will be rostered once per year to do Set Duty, and once per year to do either Afternoon Tea duty or Bar Duty.
  • Volunteering - People wishing to assist with running the club are welcome to volunteer for projects (short term) or nominate for Club Committee (annually).

Visitors may join in with the Social play, upon paying a visitors fee of $10. They are also welcome to join in with afternoon tea and drinks afterwards. Visitors are welcome to attend up to 3 times in a season. Simply speak with the duty captain on your arrival.

Visitors should be aware that because they will be playing with 3 other people during each set, so they need to be able to play to a reasonable level of social tennis. This means they need to be able to serve, rally and keep score.

Dress Standards
Corinthian receives assistance from the Cancer Council under the Sun Smart program. As part of this, all members and visitors are asked to wear typical tennis attire, including a shirt with sleeves and a collar. Remember to Slip-Slop-Slap. Singlets are not acceptable.

Regarding playing shoes, players are asked to wear recognised tennis shoes, which will not damage the grass courts. Ripple sole shoes such as cross-trainers are not acceptable.

Fees for Season 2016/17

Our schedule of fees is shown below and further details can be be sought from the treasurer. Prospective members will find that the membership fees are comparable to other suburban tennis clubs and in many cases present better value for money, especially when Corinthian offers two days of good quality social play on weekends (many other clubs only play on one weekend day).

Membership Level

Oct 2016 - June 2017

(published 21st Aug 2016 for this playing year)




$200 - 1 day

$280 - 2 days

Junior (u/18)

Junior League $50

Youth (u/21)


Full Time student


Country / FIFO



Family (Capped) $800
Visitor on Weekends (max 3) $10

Visitor on Midweek Social Days (max 3)


Social Scene

Corinthian Park Tennis Club offers a calendar of social events, entertainment and activities for members to partake. These events are varied each year, and examples of recent events include:
Lawn Bowling; Australia Day BBQ; Smash Cancer Day; Annual season windup; Christmas Dinner.

Management Approach
Corinthian is managed by a volunteer committee, which is elected each year. Tasks are allocated to subcommittees and reviewed at a monthly meeting.

The Application Process
Corinthian encourages applications for membership. Although there is no waiting list, there is a modest assessment process by which prospective members are considered for their standard of tennis play and their attitude. As outlined in the section regarding visitors, prospective members should be aware that because they will be playing with 3 other people during a set, they need to be able to play to a reasonable level for social tennis. This means they need to be able to serve, rally and keep score.

Corinthian has found that new players tend to develop their skills rapidly, and so we are understanding of this in approving applications. In some instances, new or prospective members may be encouraged to undertake some coaching with the club coach, before playing on club days.

We Look Forward To Meeting You Soon!